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When it comes to Kingston meeting spaces, there is a huge amount of choice available to professionals both based in the town as well as visitors to the area. Though none more so impressive, award-winning and flexible as Space at Kingston… if we do say so ourselves!

There are many things to consider when you’re looking to hire the perfect Kingston meeting spaces and we’ve compiled a quick list:

  1. Seating

Delegates of meetings are usually sat down for long periods of time, so to ensure they stay alert, engrossed in your meeting agenda and energised, consider comfortable seating options that don’t become a distraction. Space at Kingston offers excellent seating choices in a number of our Kingston meeting spaces that our students have tried and tested during term time so you can be sure that comfort is of upmost importance.

  1. Lighting

Kingston meeting spaces that don’t offer natural light, are dark or dim can make your delegates sleepy or at least zap the energy from the room. In contrast, very bright lighting can be hard on the eyes when presentations need to be delivered professionally. Space at Kingston benefits from a number of meeting spaces with full natural lighting or high end lighting solutions to keep your team engaged.

  1. Layout

Depending on the desired outcomes of your meeting, the layout is of most importance. Do you want to opt for a classroom style setting for delegate participation? Or perhaps theatre style to aid longer presentation delivery? Our Kingston meeting spaces are purpose built and fully adaptable, from fixed lecture theatres to fully flexible classroom layouts, we’re happy to work with you on your requirements.

  1. Equipment

Equipment can be the largest concern for businesses or training providers looking to hire Kingston meeting spaces. Do they have the correct connections for my laptop? Do I need to bring a USB? Will my delegates be able to hear my presentation from the back row? Space at Kingston is proud of our top quality multimedia systems to aid with smooth technical support and delivery. We’re confident this will remove at least one headache from planning your meetings!

  1. Privacy

It can be important to some businesses to request privacy for their meeting or training, particularly if it’s highly sensitive internal information being shared with employees. Private Kingston meeting spaces that are sound proofed can be difficult to come by but we’re sure our university setting, originally built with student privacy in mind will be a good fit for your information sharing.

If this sounds good to you, then we’d love to show you around what we have to offer for Kingston meeting spaces. There’s one space in particular that we love to show off, thanks to its many architectural award wins and imposing structure on the campus… Townhouse. We welcome you to take a look around our Townhouse space, available to book online for most Tuesdays and Thursdays where we can discuss your requirements in more detail and produce the perfect meeting plan. Alternatively, you can make a direct booking enquiry with one of our team who would be happy to advise you on space availability.


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