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How to host a networking event – Space at Kingston

Making connections is a powerful tool in business and we’re in the business of bringing people together at our spaces. Seeking venue hire in Kingston for your next networking event? Let us demonstrate our top tips on everything you need to host the perfect networking event with Space at Kingston.

Pick a niche

Gathering people in the same space is no mean feat, so selecting a common niche that they can talk about confidently with one another immediately relieves any pressure to force uncomfortable small talk or polite conversation. Let your guests get to the nitty gritty from the off. For example, if your event is marketing-based, consider inviting social media professionals so the topic is more specific for them.

Consider the event format

When you’re seeking venue hire in Kingston, you can often feel like you have to work within the allocated or available space. Here, it’s different. We can take your event format (anything you can think of) and allocate a suitable space that would be best to play host for your guests. Consider your invitees and how they might like to interact with others, it may be a standing, canapes and drinks event or a spacious shared seating situation.

Manage your budget

Hosting events can be an expensive business, venue hire in Kingston is an additional cost that you need to factor into your event budget. Search for options that meet your format requirements whilst also ensuring they’re budget-friendly. This will free up budget to spend in other areas of your event.

Share a plan with your guests

Providing your guests with an agenda for the event can not only help to entice attendance but gives them an idea of what to expect. From laying out the guest list so they can see who else is going, to listing times for speakers, activities, dining, presentations or other fun things you’ve decided to include. This can also persuade your guests to stay until the end, instead of turning up for the first half an hour and leaving before the good stuff begins!

Spend some time meeting your guests

It’s a networking event, so get out there and network with your guests! Spend some time mingling in the space, chat to people, take some anecdotal feedback and make some future connections of your own. Furthermore, if your invited guests include someone you’ve been targeting for a while, have a plan in place to ensure you don’t miss out on a conversation with them.

Don’t forget to follow up

The event is over, what happens now? Don’t forget to follow up with event attendees using the contact details you’ve collected. Ask them for feedback, follow up with an invite to the next event or just be polite and thank them for coming along. This is also an opportunity to stay in touch with them, perhaps you can direct them to your social media channels to encourage a long-term relationship?

Hosting a networking event is all about offering a friendly space or environment to allow people to connect, learn, meet like-minded individuals and generally create an opportunity that they otherwise may not have had. Searching for venue hire in Kingston is just one of many steps you’ll need to consider and we’d love to remove that headache for you!

Space at Kingston offers extremely affordable, easy to book venue hire in Kingston with a team of lovely individuals who would be more than happy to assist you in creating the perfect event. It’s possible to arrange a tour or chat to one of our team for more details at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.


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