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How to Run a Smooth Conference Event

Planning a conference can feel daunting when you’re initially tasked with that job at the morning meeting, however, here at Space we have done a lot of the leg work for you and collated some useful tips to planning a Kingston Conference and it all starts with A Plan!
  1. Set objectives- the classic Who?, What?, Where?, Why?, When? rule can be applied at the beginning of your planning journey. Be clear in who your target audience is, how many delegates this will include, what the end goal is (I.E. Sales or to educate)
  2. Concept- This will shape how the conference will be received by attendees. A clear concept will dictate tone of voice throughout, from the initial invite, conference literature right through to speakers.
  3. Format of conference- how will the event work, will it be a Q&A session, theatre style audience etc. This will lead on the next crucial stage…
  4. Budget- determining what your budget is will dictate how your conference will come together and working within a budget, taking into account all factors we discuss here will ensure your conference has the desired outcome you have planned.
  5. VENUE- This is where we come into our own at SPACE at Kingston- the space you chose to hold your conference can add huge value to the attendee experience. The venue has to be suitable for the size of your conference and a suitable location. If it’s architecturally beautiful, this will add a wow! factor to your conference. Conference room rental is key.
  6. Speakers- Experts in the field of the conference concept is a must. A speaker that is well known to attendees will be a real draw and will encourage attendance.
  7. Infrastructure- you may have the concept, the format and the most beautiful venue but if it’s nowhere near any transport links you’re going to struggle to get people there. A venue that has transport connections far reaching will get people there but also ensure the whole experience is a positive one- mitigate any unnecessary transport drama by plotting this into your plans.
  8. Agenda- set a clear agenda for the day, so attendees can make plans but also build excitement around the event
  9. Promote- post about your conference on the web, social media channels and direct emails. Whichever communications channel is suitable
  10. Feedback- Don’t forget to gather feedback from your conference and follow up with delegates. It’s likely you will plan more conferences in the future and there is always room to grow and perfect your existing conference plans to ensure the next conference is even better.

Being organised and clear from the beginning will ensure your conference stands out from others, is a success and is memorable for all those that attended. Space at Kingston can offer many conference room rental options to anyone looking to arrange a conference at Kingston, take a look at our beautiful spaces on the website and feel free to make an Enquiry

We look forward to welcoming you to a conference space at Kingston soon.


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