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Award Events – Top award ceremonies you wish you were invited to

Award ceremonies take place every day, but some are more prestigious and glamorous than others. Many of them, we wish we could attend, even just as a fly on the wall. Here’s our take on the top award ceremonies around the world that we wish we could get invited to.

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony & Banquet
Alfred Nobel, the creator of dynamite, is behind the name of this global recognition. Prizes are awarded in chemistry, physics, literature, medicine, economics and peace. Attendees of the ceremony and banquet are some of the most fascinating minds in the world, imagine the inspiring conversations around that dinner table! Usually hosted in Stockholm, the banquet is a thing of beauty…

Nobel Banquet at the Stockholm City Hall, 2019. © Nobel Media. Photo: Nanaka Adachi

The Booker Prize
Britain’s most prestigious literary award is given to one author every year for an outstanding novel. 2022’s celebration was held at the Roundhouse in London, attended by Her Majesty The Queen Consort and singer, Dua Lipa. To sit among literary greats would be so exciting and we’d love to get our hands on one of their trophies, commissioned by Booker Prize founder, Tom Maschler.

Jan Pieńkowski’s Booker Prize Trophy © Gaby Wood/Booker Prize Foundation

The Academy Awards
Known more widely as The Oscars, recognising American cinema and awarding actors, directors, producers and film professionals. You’d surely only want to attend for the drama that seems to take place every year, becoming some of the most talked about (and joked about) moments of TV history. You may remember these historic moments:

  • Will Smith hitting Chris Rock on stage after he made a joke about his wife
  • Angelina Jolie declaring she was in love with her brother during an acceptance speech
  • A streaker running across the stage in 1974
  • Bjork wearing her swan dress and pretending to lay an egg on the red carpet

We’d love to be there as the action unfolds!

The Grammys
Stevie Wonder is one of the most notable winners of these awards with 22 Grammys under his belt. The Grammys award and recognise excellence in music as art of the world’s culture. It’s another stonker of an event with the world’s best musical artists on display! Our favourite moments in history include:

  • Michael Jackson debuting his sequinned glove
  • Eminem and Elton John’s duet
  • Lady Gaga arriving as an egg
  • Steve Martin going trouser-less to present an award
  • Nicki Minaj’s performance of an exorcism

You really couldn’t make it up!

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