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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions applying to Campus Conferencing at Kingston University

When you make a booking with us or through us, it is important that you and we know clearly who is responsible for what.

This contract sets this out.

The following are the terms of the contract between you, and us.


In these terms and conditions, the following words will have the following meanings: –

Venue(s)’ means Our premises known as the Kingston Hill Campus, Penrhyn Road Campus, Knights Park Campus, Roehampton Vale Campus and   Tolworth Court and associated buildings and spaces

‘Agreement’ means this Agreement between You and Us for Venue(s) at Kingston University and incorporates the Booking Form and these

Terms and Conditions

‘Event’ means the activity that will be taking placing within Our Venue

‘Us’ means Kingston University Service Company Ltd (KUSCO) and ‘We’ or ‘Our’ shall be interpreted accordingly.

‘You’ means the person entering into this Agreement ‘Your’ or ‘Yours’ shall be interpreted accordingly.


Who Is This Contract Between?

The contract is between Us and You, not any other person or organisation You book rooms, meals or facilities for. You accept responsibility for paying all charges, including any extra charges arising under this contract. You may not transfer Your rights under this contract to any other person or organisation.

Provisional Bookings

We may agree to You making a provisional booking. You may cancel provisional bookings without penalty. While We hold a provisional booking, We will not allocate the facilities that You have provisionally booked to other customers unless You agree.

Confirming Your Booking

We will confirm Your booking only on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and a Booking Form signed by You. The Booking Form will state the accommodation, meals and other facilities which You have booked and the prices applicable and it should include a clear statement of any other arrangements which have been agreed between You and Us.

If You ask Us verbally to confirm your booking You must send Us a written confirmation signed by You, either on the attached booking request form or by letter, together with a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions stating that You accept these terms. We must receive this within five (5) days or We may cancel the booking.

When You confirm a booking, You agree to pay all the charges for accommodation, meals and other facilities set out on the Booking Form, unless these are changed or cancelled under the terms of clauses 7, 8 or 10 below. In that case You must pay the charges set out in the relevant clause.

Paying For Your Event

You must pay in sterling within 28 days of the date of each of the invoices and make the payments by either credit or debit card cheque or direct to Our bank account. You will pay any bank charges involved in making the payment. If You do not pay the invoice in full within 28 days, We will charge You interest on the amount outstanding at 4% above Co-Operative Bank plc base rate. We have the right to make a credit check to make sure that You will be able to meet all charges when they fall due. If, within 21 days of You confirming Your Booking, We are not reasonably satisfied that You will be able to meet the charges We have the right to cancel Your booking and We will return Your deposit. The same applies if We later become aware of problems with Your financial situation. We will set any deposit You pay against the eventual charges.

For bookings made within a week of the start of the Event, the Hire Fee is due immediately on receipt of the invoice from KUSCO. No Booking can be confirmed without payment.

Altering Your Booking

If You alter Your booking, We will send You a new Booking Form to sign, so that You know just what You have booked and what You are responsible for. The Booking Form will set out the accommodation, meals and other facilities which You have booked and agreed with Us. It will include details of any extra facilities which We may have agreed, and of any items You have cancelled but must pay for under clause 9. Each new Booking Form issued and signed by You and Us will replace any previous Booking Form.

Extra Accommodation, Meals Or Other Facilities

If You ask for any extra accommodation, meals or other facilities less than 5 working days before Your Event We will use Our best efforts to provide them but We cannot guarantee that We will be able to meet Your requests. You should contact Us about possible increases in numbers or extra facilities as soon as possible.

Cancelling Your Booking

You may cancel an Agreement at any time up to 14 days prior to the start of the hire period. To do so You shall send a written cancellation notice to Us. Deposits are non-refundable. You acknowledge and agree that We will not make the Venue available for booking by any other parties during the hire period and, in the event that the You cancel the booking at short notice or fails to use the Venue for any reason, KUSCO will suffer losses. If the You cancel an Agreement less than 14 days prior to the start of the hire period, the following cancellation charges will become immediately payable by You:

(a) 25% of the Hire Fee when 7 or more days’ notice is given;

(b) 50% of the Hire Fee when between 2 and 7-days’ notice is given; and

(c) 100% of the Hire Fee when less than 2 days’ notice is given

We reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time if an urgent or unexpected need arises. As much notice as possible will be given and We will attempt to rearrange such bookings with You where possible. Any hire fees paid to Us in respect of a booking that has been cancelled by Us will be returned to You and You shall have no claims against Us for any costs, expenses, loss or damage it may sustain or incur in consequence of such cancellation.

The Agreement will terminate at the end of the hire period unless terminated earlier in accordance with this clause. Without affecting any other right or remedy available to Us, We may terminate an Agreement with immediate effect if You, Your staff, agents, sub-contractors, guests or any person using the Venue in connection with an Agreement breaches or fails to observe or perform any of the terms of the Agreement or if You fail to secure their observance or performance.

Upon such termination You shall immediately vacate the Venue and the building and ensure that Your staff, agents, subcontractors and guests leave the building immediately. We shall be entitled to retain all sums paid under the Agreement and You shall be liable to pay forthwith any costs incurred by Us in connection with Your use of the Venue. You shall have no claims against Us for any costs, expenses, loss or damage it may sustain or incur in consequence of such cancellation. Termination of an Agreement will not affect any rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities of the parties that have accrued up to the date of termination, including the right to claim damages in respect of any breach of the Agreement which existed at or before the date of termination.

Giving Us The Final Details

You must confirm the final numbers for catering and the room set up by 12.00 noon five (5) working days before the start of Your Event at the latest. This will be the minimum number that You will be charged for subject to Clauses 9 and 10 above. If Your advance payments are more than You need to pay Us We will refund the difference to You.

Food And Drink

We work out our charges on the basis that We will provide all food and drinks that You and Your party need. You, or any member of Your party, must not bring food or drinks onto any of Our premises to eat or drink here without Our agreement. We will charge corkage or equivalent charges for all drinks or food brought in and consume

Room Layouts

As some of the rooms and at Kingston University have fixed furniture and some of them have movable furniture You agree to tell Us what room layout You will need for each room You want so that We can ensure We book the best rooms for Your Event.

Changes To Room Allocations or Venue

To meet the needs of as many customers as possible, We may alter the meeting rooms breakout rooms or refreshment areas allocated to You. We will only do this if the alternatives We offer are suitable for Your purposes as You explained them to Us when You made the booking.

There will be no extra charge to You if We change Your room allocations.

Use and Treatment of Dance Studios

You shall: (a) ensure that all its staff, agents, subcontractors, and attendees do not wear outdoor shoes (including tap shoes or pointy things) in the dance studio; (b) ensure that all its staff, agents, subcontractors, and attendees do not bring food or drinks into the studio; (c) not move furniture from other rooms into the studio; (d) use its best efforts to maintain the Venue in a clean, tidy and safe condition and shall leave the Venue in the condition it was in at the commencement of the Hire Period; (e) inform Us immediately on You becoming aware of any breakages or damage to the Venue or its fittings or fixtures and pay for any damage or loss suffered by Us that is caused by the negligence of You, Your staff, agents, sub-contractors or attendees; (f) not attach in any way to walls, doors, glass, floors, furniture or fittings in or around the Venue any nails, screws, adhesive tape, Blu Tack, signs or other items without the prior written consent of Us; (g) not interfere with or alter any of the electrical installations, lighting, sound systems or other technical equipment in the Venue; (h) not tampering with or removing (except in case of fire) any fire prevention, detection and fighting machinery and equipment and fire alarms in the Venue; and (i) not to do or permit to be done in the Venue or the building any act or thing which may be or become a nuisance, damage, annoyance or disturbance to other users of the Venue such as students and staff.

Animals And Pets

Please make sure that the members of Your party know that no animals or pets of any kind except guide dogs for the blind are allowed on University premises.

Car Parking at Our Venues

Where possible You may be able to park Your cars at Our Venues. There may be a charge for use of Our car parks and this will be detailed in the Schedule. We cannot guarantee that there will be car parking spaces available to You and We cannot accept any liability for any damage to of theft of property unless it is caused by Our negligence.

Behaviour On Our Premises

You must make sure that You, members of Your party and anyone visiting You at the Our premises behave in such a way that they do not cause a nuisance or unreasonable disruption to the Us, Kingston University, its members or employees, or to any other visitor to the premises.

You also agree that You will be responsible for ensuring that neither Your Event nor the actions of Your Guests will be illegal.

You agree that You, the members of Your party and anyone visiting You at the Venue will obey the University ordinances, regulations and rules in particular.

      • All fire notices and regulations
      • Our smoking policy
      • Our car parking rules
      • Our Health and Safety regulations.

We will supply copies of these regulations and rules if You ask.

You agree to pay Us for any loss or liability of any kind to any person which results from You, any member of Your party or person visiting You at the Accommodation failing to obey any University ordinance regulation or rule.

Freedom Of Speech

We have a duty to ensure that Freedom of Speech within the law is secured for guests’ employee’s students and visitors. You are obliged to inform Us at the time of booking or at the earliest opportunity of any potentially controversial activities speeches or sessions which may be taking place during Your Event, and which could have an impact on Our reputation. A copy of Our policy is available, and We can supply You with one if You ask.

Data Protection – GDPR

We will only use Your personal details for Our business, and We will not sell them to a third party. A copy of Our policy is available at


You should make sure that You are fully insured against all losses or liabilities referred to or expected and for Public Liability. Please provide Us with a copy of the relevant documents. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any booking without proof that You have enough insurance to cover Your liability under this clause.

Services Provided By Someone Outside KUSCO

If You ask Us to arrange for a service provided by any person or organisation outside KUSCO, KUSCO will only act as an agent for You.

Any resulting contract is between You and the person or organisation providing the service. We will treat the person or organisation as a person visiting You at the University (see clause 17).

Filming, Recording and Performing at Our Venues

You cannot hold any press conferences nor make any television or radio recordings at Our Venues without Our prior written agreement.

You cannot perform any plays musicals songs or other works nor show films videos or DVDs without Our prior written agreement. You cannot film or photograph at Our Venues without Our prior written agreement. You cannot hold any promotional activity at Our Venues without Our prior written agreement.

Using The University’s Name Without Permission You may not use:
  • the name Kingston University
  • the University’s logos
  • The University’s intellectual property
  • the name or logo of any of the University’s departments or institutes or subsidiary companies including KUSCO
  • any photographs of any part of the University without written permission from KUSCO.
Changes Or Cancellations By Us Or You Because Of Events Beyond Our or Your Control

Neither You nor Us shall be liable to the other in the event that either You or Us is delayed in or prevented from the performance of Your or Our obligations by reason beyond the reasonable control of You or Us. Reasons shall include industrial action sabotage acts of war destruction of essential equipment by fire explosion or flood or the reduction in or unavailability of power or other services.

Communications With Us

Should You or Your Guests experience any problems during Your Booking or wish to contact Us please contact Us at the address below as soon as possible and We will endeavour to resolve the matter as soon as possible

The Space at Kingston Team, Services Building, Room 2004, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE.


If You break any of the terms of the Agreement but We choose not to exercise Our rights or delay in exercising Our rights this does not mean that We cannot exercise those rights after the delay or at a later date if You break the same terms again.

If We break any of the terms of the Agreement but You choose not to exercise Your rights or delay in exercising Your rights this does not mean that You cannot exercise those rights after the delay or at a later date if We break the same terms again.

For the avoidance of doubt nothing in the Agreement shall confer on any third party any benefit or the right to enforce any term of the Agreement.

If a court or applicable administrative body decides that any term of the Agreement is invalid or incapable of being enforced, it will be deleted from the Agreement but the rest of the Agreement will remain in force. In these circumstances We will try to agree with You on a suitable replacement for the deleted term. If two or more people are named on the Function Sheet the liability of each is joint and several and this means that each person can be held fully responsible for all responsibilities under this Agreement.


This agreement is subject to English law.

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